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Past projects as a dancer:

All d'Déieren aus dem Bësch Directed by Anne Simone, choreography by Elisabeth Schilling (Grand Théâtre Luxembourg December 2022 and 2021)

Ônibus - In Transit, Lucoda Collective - Choreographed by Sergio Mel (Tice bus, Esch '22 Luxembourg, September 2022)

The Visit /// - Lucoda Collective - Choreographed by Gianfranco Celestino (Esch '22 Luxembourg, September 2022)

The Visit // Nimm mich auf im Zauberwalde Lucoda Collective - Choreographed by Ileana Orofino (Esch '22 Luxembourg, September 2022)

Opening Capital of Culture Remix Festival Esch '22 by Rhiannon Morgan/Lucoda Collective (Cathedral Dudelange, September 2021)

Reso(n)dance -Création du Monde by Rhiannon Morgan/Lucoda Collective (Kinneksbond Luxembourg, May 2021, Trois- CL Luxembourg October 2021)

Sehnsucht by Jean Guillaume Weis (Theatre National du Luxembourg, March 2021)

BABAbébé conception by Paulo Lameiro (Philharmonie Luxembourg, October 2020)

Invisible Dances by Elisabeth Schilling (Trifolion Echternach, September 2020, Ville de Luxembourg September 2021)

Nutcracker by Hannah Ma (Stuttgart Landesmuseum and Tufa Trier Germany, December 2019)

Ouvre Moi La Porte by Compagnie Les Affamés (Festival Temps Fort Danse, Company Ballet 21, France, October 2019)

DisEngage by Lucoda Collective (CNA Luxembourg July 2019)

Rotkappchen by Maher Abdul Moaty (Palestine International Theatre Festival for Children and Youth, April 2019 and Tufa Trier, Germany 2017)

Wanderer by Hannah Ma (Theater Trier Germany and Theatre D'Esch Luxembourg, 2017)

A Bucketful of Dreams by Jean Guillaume Weis (TNL and CAPE Luxembourg, 2017)

Without Measure by Alex Howard (Slimbridge, UK, 2014-2017)

Im Weissen Rossl, by Theater Trier (Theater Trier Germany, 2016-2017)

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