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Fit for a King -2023    film

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Fit for a King is a screendance film that observes societal power dynamics. Through the lens of three characters, power and the identity experience of each individual in relation to disability, culture, gender, race and age is brought to light. Questioning the behaviors associated and represented within leadership positions, Fit for a King highlights the physical and mental dynamics at play through the medium of a constructed perception of bodies.


Production: Lucoda – Luxembourg Collective of Dance

Direction and Choreography: Aifric Ní Chaoimh

Assitant choreographer : Ileana Orofino

Performance and co-choreography :

Serge Daniel Kabore, Alex Howard, Laurent Blitgen

Music composition and sound design : Damiano Picci

Production manager : Océane Maître

Director of photography : Raoul Schmitz

Lighting and camera assistant : Jo Gutenkauf

Video Editing : Raoul Schmitz and Aifric Ní Chaoimh


Financial support: Ministry of Culture and Sacem

Partners: Trois C-L and Vianden Castle

Film Festivals: Dança em foco - Brazil 2023, Dance@30FPS - Ohio, 2024, Pitsburgh International Dance Film Festival 2024.

Auto - 2022    film

SmartSelect_20211127-134944_Video Player.jpg

Auto is an allegory for one's journey in life. In life we assume the position of being in the so called 'driving seat', the powerful leader of our own destiny. We take our journey forward through assuming the choice of our own directions. Yet still we are navigating within the outer environment not under our control, experiencing events which impact our sense of self. Auto explores the protagonist in this experience of her life, situated within and around a car, the inner space within an outer existence. It explores the altering emotional landscape and inner monologue, and our relationship to transcendental or deterministic views as we journey forwards towards our death.

Concept and Direction: Aifric Ni Chaoimh

Performance: Ileana Orofino

Choreography: Aifric Ni Chaoimh and Ileana Orofino

Videographers: Laprorad Studio and Yohan Correia

Music and Sound Design: Eric G. Foy

Financial support: Fondation de Luxembourg

Room for Outside - 2000    film

A video made during the Covid-19 Lockdown in 2020, in partnership with Trois C-L Luxembourg and

KulturKanal fir Letzebuerg

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